It’s time to preserve your sophrosyne.


Life is a pathway of both hardships and happiness.¬† Sometimes we just struggle so much throughout our lives that we loose hope to live our life to the fullest, make less efforts to achieve our targets and take shortcuts to achieve success or our goal. We find our lives so busy that instead of ” living” it in actual sense; we make it more harsh by worrying about our problems day and night. We become lazy and our strength become weak to achieve our target. In order to live fruitfully and energetically we must follow daily some rules to convert our dreams into reality –
1. Connect spiritually – Every morning connect spiritually with god or to your soul atleast for 5 minutes this will help you to feel fresh, energize and makes you positive.Don’t connect selfishly to wish which something connect to feel positive.
2. Do your job happily- Whatever you do try to do it happily whether you don’t take interest in it because in our daily life we have to do some works which we don’t like to perform. In that case, just try to develop interest in those works and lastly you will feel better to do it this makes the work interesting for you till some extent.
3. Be positive- Always try to remain positive whatever the situation is. But don’t let your positiveness convert into over confidence it might harm your expectations. So surround yourself with positive people and thoughts in this way you will feel fresh abd energetic too.
4. Don’t let anyone to insult you and your dreams- If your efforts are good for something then don’t let anybody to let down you and your dreams. Good efforts are never wasted; remember that.
No matter whatever failure is teaching you, it’s always for the better.
5. Don’t judge- Don’t let anybody¬† judge you and don’t judge anyone also because you don’t know whatever they have been through and vice – versa.

Never leave doing your efforts whatever the situation might be because a dark tunnel has ”Light” at the end.