An Inevitable Journey


Change is an inevitable process which has to be done constantly, so that one can live their life to the fullest. Though, sometimes change cannot be done easily either it’s for someone or something. It requires an immense courage to do. Even nature shows and portrays the process of change in a most beautiful way.

Life revolves around the process of changing but the thing is whether that change is fruitful or not. When a heartbreak it’s the most difficult change person go through as it sometimes loose one’s identity or purpose to live life but this change can sometimes be fruitful too if one can overcome it bravely. When tears rolled down from eyes nothing can justify their place in our life. World seems to be fall apart and we eagerly waited for that one instance or incidence which can bring us back that special person in our life without much hindrance.

But the reality is far much more harsh than this whether that special person exist or not, we are the only person which permanently exist in our life. Though relationships are always been an important part of our life and they’ve the power to drown or either rise us like a sun. When we are at peace with both heart and mind we can easily come out from the destruction made by heartbreak. For maintaining and keeping that peace meditation is one of the effective way as it also helps us to deal with that change effectively.

Change can do wonders if it’s done for better.