Which is more important degree, class or something else? 


Teaching what does that mean actually,  according to different mindsets and thought process we all have different meaning of it in our lives or some of us don’t have any view about it just a mere profession and that is very easy to do. 

But don’t we generalize or judge it very easy without thinking about it too deeply. Here I want to share my views about it as being in this profession since last 8 years define me and my life in some way or other and with changing time my views about it keeps on changing. 

For me teaching is not something which is related to degree or classes which you teach it’s about with what passion, enthusiasm and loyalty you teach to students whether they’re of kindergarten or higher classes. I agree monetary benefits do matter in present scenario but one should be loyal towards their profession also. Don’t neglect the monetary benefits always aim high but don’t be money follower too that you become derogatory towards your profession.

Be loyal to your profession and yourself.