Follow your heart but do take your brain too……


We all are unique in our own way. Sometimes, just with mere judgements of others regarding our personality we went into depression or don’t like ourselves because others don’t accept us. We’re so much afraid of rejection from others that we reject ourselves too as a person.

Most of our life we follow others and their views. We really don’t try or follow our life with our views as we live in a fear of rejection or being wrong that we stop living our dreams and just following others.

1. Put your views about everything whichever you like no matter what at the end if it’s wrong also even then it’s means that you’re doing something not just following only.

2. Don’t driven by thoughts of others because of societal pressure or stigmas unless you really respect it. It takes great effort to say no to things which are not meant for you or you don’t like it but at the end it’s just your preference of saying no to something not of disrespecting something as there’s a thin line between being disrespectful or saying no to something.

3. Don’t get swayed by herd mentality gain knowledge and apply it in your decisions, listen to everyone then decide what to do don’t just follow.

4. There’s a thin line between disrespecting something and following your dreams or mind. Follow what you feel is the basic right of human and saying it in a disrespectful way is the other thing. You can follow your heart but do take brain by respecting other’s view also by saying no in a polite manner or when there’s a situation to choose between the two choose what you want to follow as when you’re happy from inside then only you can make other’s happy and don’t keep grudges or any evil for the person. But, in case you’re wrong with your decision at the end then take responsibility for it and don’t blame others. With decision making comes a great responsibility too.

Follow your heart but take your mind too….. As life is too short to follow others and keep regrets.

What it’s like to be an introvert? 


Introverts are always judged by their nature no matter what. Being an introvert daughter, daughter- in- law, wife, etc sometimes it’s very hard to connect with people who are new to you or if you’re not comfortable with them much as it’s difficult with us to make a new relationship or sometimes it’s just about a click with someone and we can be comfortable in a minute also.

So, here are some points of our personality which help others to understand us-

1. Personal Space- We want more personal space than others as we enjoy being in our own company more. Mostly it’s very difficult for other’s to understand us because they think we are in depression or we don’t like their company or something else that we’re behaving like this.

2. Conversation- We only communicate well with those who make us comfortable in our own skin with themselves and don’t judge for whatever we are as it’s not easy for us to communicate with everyone with the same comfort. And when we are comfortable with them we’re just mad like no one else and very lively to live with.

3. Socially inactive- We can’t be socially active everytime no matter what how much we like that person and not with everyone we are socially active as it drains our energy very much. It is like extrovert energize as much as they talk and we drain in energy as much as we talk.

4. Proudy and Egoistic- It’s always a tag with us because of our nature that we’re proudy and egoistic but in reality we’re not it’s just that we communicate less and respond only whenever it’s a need.

5. Solitude- We enjoy solitude more than others it’s just that we’re so comfortable with ourselves that being in our own company make us more happy than anything else.

6. Friends- We choose our friends wisely and also choosy in selecting our friends. Most of all we choose only those who don’t judge us and are trust worthy as because most of introverts are trust worthy and are empathetic. But, it’s not necessary that all introverts are trust worthy it’s just a trait of introverts.

7. Empathetic- Most of us are empathetic and don’t do back bitching. There are only few instances when we talk about someone with others. No matter what if we’re comfortable or not with anyone we feel others sorrow empathetically and try to calm them according to that.

8. Straight forward- We’re straight forward with whatever we feel as we speak less but mostly we straightly tell our feelings to almost everyone as we connect very less with others.

9. Honest- We’re honest and that’s the problem with ourselves. We don’t fake that we’re social animal and that’s why mostly everyone consider us proudly and whenever we speak it’s truth mostly.

10. Love- We love everyone no matter whatever they’re because we don’t judge but only few are those who are lucky to see our love as we express selectively but not to everyone.

11. Validation- We don’t need others validation for our personality and are strong in our own way. And because of this only if people do back bitching about us we don’t feel bad as we are strong in our own way.

12. Fakeness- We don’t fake with most of the things whether it’s about dressing sense, choice, truth, selection of things and feelings which is most important for us.

Being an introvert is not a sin, we’re not alien it’s just that we’re different and less in number or are bullied because of our nature.

We’re just mad and wonderful like everyone. We want to love and to be loved for what we’re.