Defining an achievement…


Let’s start with a quote that says almost everything about this blog-

Achievement we all are familiar with this word and generally use it for materialistic things or success in terms of professional life mainly. But why do we complicate word like success in terms of materialistic things or money.

Achievement is something that should not be bounded within materialistic things. It should be something that counts on non-materialistic success also which you achieved in your life daily. For an example, I don’t like cooking but I never say no to cooking and keep trying to make better food than before though I’m an average cook even that’s an achievement for me.

In this materialistic world you only found mostly those who define your career growth by means of your salary mainly if you’re working but as this is your life and you’re the owner of it so,along with achieving monetary growth also groom yourself as a person for things which are necessary for good life. Try to learn things which are new and curious to you.

Make yourself a better person daily by achieving small goals in your daily life and don’t compare yourself with other only compete with yourself.

Achievement is something which makes you a better person.

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