The undying dark


Beauty we all define it according to our thinking. Some find it in only pretty things and some find it in everything i.e. Philocalist like me.

So, we all are aware of how much we Indians are obsessed with fair skin that we even ditch our own identity.

Though we’re living in 21st century but our obsession with fair skin still goes on from ancestral time. The obsession with fair skin continues from our personal to professional life. We see that how fair skin rule the world around us from advertisement, profession, personal, family and friends.

Sequence of events we counter around us are like –

1. When a baby born mostly everyone judge the color of the child before it’s birth or if a dark child is born comments like this ” Sundar nahi Hai”, “gori nahi Hai”, etc are normal to hear. And then comes the guidance part on how to change the color of the child by home remedies.

2. Or when a lady is pregnant advising for getting fairer child starts like eat this and that to get fair child.

2. Whenever I like to sit in sun in winters people from my family starts telling me that “Bahar mat baith, kali hojaegi” and at that point I’m in love with my color to give them the tough fight about this.

3. When we search a partner for marriage mostly people concentrate only on color rather than the real things which actually important for marriage. Like, we see in matrimonial ads in newspapers or on the matrimonial site it goes like this “want a fair girl or boy for our child” and the list goes on. When a meeting is arranged for a marriage it’s to be told specifically to a girl that you should go a parlour for it thanks to god I haven’t told this by my family why don’t show your natural skin tone before marriage so that if they want to accept you they will as you’re because after marriage all the time you’ll not sit in parlour for ditching your colour.

From our childhood we made to learn that fair skin is a bliss so we monitor ourselves like that only earlier I myself used to do things to fairer my skin but now I changed for better I do use products for make up sometimes but for not getting fairer skin even at my professional life I don’t prefer it unless it’s an event.

What determines our skin color?

It’s the amount of melanin pigment in our skin that determines the color of our skin and actually it’s very useful for our body as it protects us from skin diseases.

Here, I don’t want to demean fairer skin people rather I urge dark people to accept and love yourself as you’re and let change happen in this matter. And for fair skin people we need you to do your bit in this approach.

Why don’t we see beauty in dark skin like we see in fairer ones and why we crowd flowing the racist ideas of people who actually show how modern they’re but actually they’re not by mentality. For me beauty is –


I will do my bit by raising children that not differentiate between colour but to differentiate between the right and wrong things.

As a country we are developing but do we really developing our mindsets.

Life is much more than these.

Image source – Internet, Pinterest.

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