Menstruation, this word mostly comes with a expression of shame when someone wants to talk about it there are many mouth around us which are always there to shut us up whenever this topic arise.

In India, as a people we couldn’t hear this word loud or rarely have discussion about it in society. What society told us or made us to follow we follow only that and out of fear don’t even asks relevant questions about it which can educate us.

Still, a great percentage of women in India devoid of sanitary products, disposing it off well and proper sanitation facilities.

Myths are still prevailing in our country like we prohibit the entry of women in kitchen, religious and holy ceremonies even in 21st century where man is reaching up to moon and women are still standing outside temples.

Like, all the pujaris in the temple are pure in their heart and hygienic too…. I think which matters most is the purity of heart during religious or holy ceremony.

Women are the bearers of society which are responsible for a new life on earth instead of helping them in every possible way to overcome these myths we want them to dwell into these. To maintain hygiene during menstruation is one thing and to stop women from doing things is other.

Now days petition is filling for two days leave on the start of menstruation as some of the females deal with the unbearable pain at this time, that they have to take high dose of medicines or injection in order to overcome it.

Even at most of the homes if a female is having their periods and an unbearable pain too (if she is not having pain then it’s another thing) then even in that condition she has to do all the household chores perfectly by neglecting her health and at last mostly no body is there to care for her.

It’s an important and continuous phase of women till menopause but if we care for our women in this phase a little then it will give them a sense of being loved because it’s true that in menstruation or menopause women goes through a lot of hormonal disbalance which effect their body and mood too sometimes they even go into depression.

The loss of 1-3 litre of blood every month sometimes even more than that, unbearable pain, mood swings, cramps and depression is more deserving than normal or neglecting behaviour towards menstruation.

Let’s worship our women as a goddess in true sense.

By this article I don’t want to hurt feelings of any one who thinks differently about it just wanted that superstition and poor behavior towards women stop. We should become more caring towards our women in this phase.

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