Cherish and love your body it will reflect back to you…


All our life we search for love in emotional form but we forget to cherish and take care of our body physically.

Sometimes we are so much dependent on our partner for our emotional needs that if it is not there for us we forget to cherish and love our body when healing is done emotionally till that time our body is so much deteriorating.

In order to live a good life we have to maintain ourselves emotionally and physically both.

If we think that only emotional love is important to maintain good health then it is wrong a person should be both emotionally and physically fit to lead a happy and healthy life.

In order to lead a happy and healthy life a person should do these things, –

1. Maintain a good routine to do things timely. Other than days in which you’re feeling very lazy.

2. Think positive of yourself and others also even if they hurt you though it’s not that easy but this negative or positive energy will automatically hurt you so in order to keep yourself positive stay positive.

3. Read a good book one or two page daily to feed your mind with good food which helps you to develop your mind and personality.

4. Maintain a hobby do anything which you likes to do irrespective of what other people think of it.

Image source- pinterest