An ode to a woman

  • ” Women ” this word itself holds many meanings that even definitions that breathe in dictionaries are too less to describe. Every woman who fought odds of her life alone inside or outside is an inspiration for all whether she is a family member, a woman in the neighborhood, a maid, a friend, a colleague, etc. There are many relations which are attached to a woman. But one of the most important and cherishable relations of a woman is with herself first. There are many inspirational stories about a woman on the internet but many of them still like untold and unheard.

In this poem summing up some phases of woman life

You’re the epitome of sacrifice,
But don’t sacrifice your dignity at all,
You’re an ocean of love,
But love yourself first,
You’re the tolerance within,
But don’t tolerate disrespect,
You’re a handful of kindness,
But don’t be kind to evil,
You’re a mother of care,
But take care of yourself first,
You’re understanding in all odds,
But understand yourself first,
You’re motivational for all,
But motivate yourself first,
You’re the healing power,
But heal yourself first,
You’re the giver by nature,
But give yourself first,
You’re an inspiration for all,
But be your inspiration first,
You’re there for all in sorrows,
But be there for yourself first,
You’re the sunshine in darkness,
But be your sunshine first,
Be yourself first.

Image courtesy – Pinterest