All my life there is one woman whom I admire most and that lady is my “grandmother”. She is a very simple, humble, affable, fierce, inspirational, kind, brave and the list goes on and on for me. Married in a rich business class family at a very young age and become a widow at a young age too left with 3 boys 1 girl. In that time it’s very hard to live in a joint family following superstitious and rigid customs of society as well as family members. There is a very special part of her which is so attached to me always that when I born my mother is not well at all due to so much hormonal disbalance in her body she goes into depression and that time as I told by my parents she feeds me her milk. In coming years my brother and sister also born by that time my mother has a severe depression from which she couldn’t recover easily but my father and grandmother stood by her like an iron pillar fighting family and society both as we were children that time. In bringing up all three of us as a good and wise human my grandmother plays a key role as my mother is not well. She lives with us as my father is the youngest one from all 4 hence my grandmother is attached to my father a lot. She wakes up at 4 am firstly thank god for all the things which she has in her life, then take a bath, wash all her clothes by herself, do pooja and when my father gets ready for an office she prepares his lunch, in the afternoon she makes lunch for all five of us when we came back from school and at night she serves dinner. She used to go to the vegetable market daily for buying vegetables but on Sunday when there is a holiday of school I also went with her sometimes along with my brother and sister. She watched only one serial heartedly “Balika vadhu” she just wait for that serial desperately and all 5 of us watched it with her sometimes doing comments on serial. This is her daily routine relentlessly she works day and night till my mother sounds well. Since childhood, I have seen my grandmother doing all her work on her own no form of question, command, demand, ego or request was there from her side. Always ready to help others in their time of need and when it comes to her she doesn’t have any complaint with life, god or some person never I have seen her in my life doing gossiping or complaining about what she has or what she doesn’t have and the expectations of being a saas of 3 bahus never comes into her mind whether it’s a materialistic or emotional she is a giver by nature except she wants one SUTI ( cotton ) saree on Diwali for herself this is her only expectation. Till we grow up she never allows us to do any household work and when it comes to going temple or doing pooja during menstruation she is so liberal in her thoughts that she never taught us to not do pooja and go temple in menstruation in fact when my mother scolds me and my sister to not do so she said that they’re kids don’t teach them this thing. By that time our business was no more and my father shifted into a private job he never did a job in his life but as situations came he also never give up and brought up 3 three children, unwell wife, and a grandmother was very tough job in that time till we completed the academic education he never let us know about all financial crunches. One thing I still remember my grandmother legs and thighs used to swell up daily our family advice her that she should go to the doctor but she denied every time as might be she thought that time how my father will manage all the expenses of my mother illness and his children so she never ever utter a word about her health. Every single person in our family admires her so much and her strength towards the harsh life which she faced fiercely.

What inspires me of my grandmother is her undying belief in God even after so many harsh circumstances, her giving nature without asking for anything in return, her acceptance of situations in life easily, her relentlessly working nature day and night, her not at all complaining nature from life, god or even some person and her calling me and my sister as “LAALI” I can’t forget that lovely name. She is not that much educated but her wisdom, acceptance and handling of situations make me believe that to be actual understanding in thoughts one doesn’t need an education one have to widen the horizons of their mind first otherwise there’s no importance of education which one hold in the form of degrees.

She died on 22 September’11 but she will always and is an important part of my life not because she is my grandmother but she is a great human by nature. My eyes still soak in tears when I remember her but not in sadness but because I had got that privilege that she is my grandmother. I just pray to god that in next birth also she plays an important part in my life.

I love you amma……