There are many things in our life which have been giving a lot of importance than what they deserve. Here are some of them –

1. English – The first one in my list is English we are so obsessed with it that even sometimes we speak in English in dreams even. Though English is a universal language and is an important part of our professional life these days but it has been given too much importance more than talent and skills. Many skilled and talented people not make it in their interview if they don’t give interview in English most of the companies only hire candidates if one can give interview in English even if in professional terms no spoken English is required. Hopefully in future people will be hired on the basis of their skills and talent more.

Let world be a language of love and kindness.

2. COOKING – Second one in my list is cooking (specially for girl’s). From the time girl’s start growing up till they get married one thing which they hear most is khana banana sikhlo/start learn to cooking whether they like it or not it’s in the list of every parent. Now a days both man and woman are earning so why should not they both cook as well. If girl’s are sharing responsibility for earning and managing home financially why boys are lacking behind cooking for boys is still a taboo in our country in spite of the fact that world’s most famous chef’s are boys only.

And I’m a totally Foodie person.

3. FAIR COMPLEXION – Though we are living in a 21st century but still we don’t overcome our desire of having fair complexion. There are pictures, videos, songs, beauty products, food products, ads and what not which only talk about fair complexion even our family members and relatives. Our complexion depends on the presence of melanin pigment in our body. Our complexion is not a parameter for how good we look, dress, thought, maintain relationships, intelligence, maturity and all the things so be confident and love yourself for the way you’re.

Love my brown skin tone and a beautiful soul.

4. EXTROVERTS – Our world recognize and speak mostly about extroverts or the one who are spoken about each and every thing about their life or surroundings. Worldwide still quiet people or introverts suffer lot of discrimination they seems to be dumb to others and mostly mistaken and taken granted because of their nature. Everyone is unique in their own way and has their flaws instead of bashing if we can encourage each other without any discrimination than it will be very good for humankind. Mind it introverts are awesome.

Love my boho and introvert personality

5. MORE COMPETITION, LESS EDUCATION – World is growing fast and so is the education and knowledge parameters. People choose or do competition on the basis of fame and fee structure of school not on the basis of education. In jealousy sometimes they want only school of high fee structure so that they can compete on the basis of economic status but not knowledge and education. But that is not a parameter of good education.

Be Wise…..

6. NEGATIVE EMOTIONS – We tend to show negative emotions more than positive ones. Every emotion has its own importance in life and it should be balance of both negative and positive emotions or less of negative ones more as life is very unpredictable and life with regrets is more painful. Show your loved ones that you love them.

Show them but never let them to control you….

7. Money – No doubt money is most important aspect of our life today as everything starts with it and ends with it. But most of the time money don’t bring that happiness which we really crave for. Mental peace is the foremost one for me in this.

Balancing is the key…..

8. Education – Being in a teaching profession one thing I came to know that education and knowledge doesn’t comes with age it comes with will. You can have lot of degrees in your pocket but may not have right kind of knowledge. People cannot be educated with degrees sometimes but they are full of wisdom and knowledge.

Don’t just collect degrees…

9. Fake – We are surrounded with mostly everything and everyone fake. People hide emotions which make them more human. Genuine people and things are so rare these days. People now a days always want someone who shower them with gifts and compliments. Being real is endangered these days in order to please others or ourselves we even lie to ourselves.

Be genuine…like me 🙂 of course

10. Happiness – Happiness is something which we all crave for whole our life but happiness can never help you to grow it’s the pain and suffering only which can lead you to the path of wisdom and growth. So cherish and value both the emotions at its best.

I hope we do acknowledge it too..

Points mention here are my personal views and written not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Image courtesy – pinterest